Amboseli National Park in Kenya. (17,543)

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Amboseli National Park in Kenya is located at the border to Tanzania, beautiful at the food of Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain with it’s almost 6,000 meters. Most of the parks approx. 400 km2 is swamp, which has been created from the melting water from Kilimanjaro. The contrast to the swamp area is Lake Amboseli, which is a dried out salt lake, which gives the park its dry and dusty look. The low vegetation at the lake makes it easy to spot the animals. Amboseli, means “salted dust” on Masai. Amboseli is also the favorable safari park, if you ask the natives.


Amboseli National Park in Kenya is home to the larges herds of elephants and also the home to the oldest elephants in Kenya. The big herds have an impact on the parks vegetation, which is sparsely. Big herds of buffalos are also to be found in Amboseli. It is also possible to visit Amboseli Elephant Research Center.


Amboseli National Park in Kenya is located 265 km south from Nairobi, a few hours drive. Amboseli is a good introduction for a safari in Kenya or Tanzania. The park is amongst the favorite for first time safari guest.

Lodges and camps

From many of the lodges there is magnificent view with Kilimanjaro in the background with its snow covered peaks, mostly visible in the morning. By choosing a safari lodge outside the park it is possible to go on a night safari.